Future of Digital Degree – Blockchain

When was the last time you actually took out your college degree certificate and looked at it?

Let me guess. It was when you were shifting the house last time. Guess what? You are not the only one. I hate to admit that I did too. (Only exception is Doctors or some more professionals who need to display it in their offices)

But I bet you have needed to use your college degree quite a few times in your life.

When applying for higher education, or with your last job application or may be just for some other government application processing.

The task of submission was cumbersome. You have to get a photocopy done, then attest it and then scan it, upload it and submit.

And this is not over yet. Now starts the process of verification. The person or institution with whom you shared it needs to verify it. They write to your college or send an email and wait for reply and verification from your alma mater.

This could take 2 weeks, 4 weeks or even a couple of months. Who knows?

So, what is the Problem?

You remember the time when your new employer would say that your background verification is still pending. This is what was happening in the background.

Learning has a lifetime value but learning records are still paper based.

It makes them difficult to store, difficult to share and even more difficult to verify.

What is the solution?

Digital Degree Certificate

We live in a Digital First World. Education has gone digital. Degree Certificates and other academic records also need to be digital.

It is no more a choice; it is a necessity.

But is making a PDF of the Degree will make it Digital? Well, Yes and No.

Yes, because you can now share it with someone. But does it solve the problem of verification too? I am afraid not.

Then it doesn’t solve the problem. Does it? It’s not truly Digital

The receiver still has to write to the issuing authority and painfully wait for the response.

What is a Truly Digital Certificate?

The one which meets all these criteria

Easily shareable

  • Learner or the owner should be able to easily share it online with anyone that he or she wants to.

Instantly Verifiable

  • The receiver of the Digital Certificate should be able to instantly verify it online. Whether its a higher education body, a future employer or a government official. This is what will help speed up the process

Secure and Tamperproof

  • The receiver should be able to trust that it is secure and not tampered with. We all know that problem of fake credentials. Don’t we? And how often it has got people to lose their jobs or caused embarrassment we know that too.

Compliant to Digital Standards

  • Since it has to be shared with others, and has to be verifiable it should be Compliant to Global Digital Standards too for making it really future proof. After all learning records have a lifetime value.

And there is only one solution to all these problems.

Blockchain Anchored Digital Degree

We’ve built a platform CertOnce, for issuing blockchain verified digital degrees that does this all and more.

It has been built on an open source platform that was developed by a team at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, in their incubation centre called MIT Media Labs.

MIT has itself adapted this solution and is using for issuing digital degrees to its students. This is the best proof of the technology and its applicability.

But why should your institute adapt it?

Because it is the future and it solves quite a few problem for every institute and its students.

Key Benefits to the Institute

No More Manual Verifications

  • Digital Degrees issued on our platform are instantly verifiable on blockchain by the receiver.
  • It puts an end to a time consuming process of manual verification at the institute level.
  • No more pressure of replying to emails, posts and maintaining records of decades of student data by the registrar’s office.

Brand Building as progressive institution

  • Using the cutting edge, futuristic blockchain technology will benefit the university in attracting students and employers alike.

Reconnect with Alumni

  • An institution biggest asset and brand ambassador is its Alumni.
  • It can help in getting better placement, build credibility in the professional word, offer scholarships, support the current students and help the institution in so many ways.
  • Rekindle the bond and harness the power of alumni by issuing them Digital Degrees that they can proudly display on Social Platforms

Secure & Tamperproof

  • Digital Degrees issued using our platform are tamperproof thanks to the blockchain technology. Learners or Student can’t make any change using any technology tools once issued by the institution.

No Database exposure

  • No need to publish the database of the students on your website for the purpose of online and instant verification. These Digital Degrees are self-sovereign documents.


  • University can revoke the certificate any time in case of any requirements making it a unique solution

No Vendor Lock-in

  • Every digital document can be verified on blockchain without any dependency on the vendor.

More Use Cases

There are many more uses of this solution besides issuing degrees, such as transcripts, thesis submission, ID cards, Scholarly paper submission etc.

The institute can adopt it to help it solve many problems related to Academic Records management and Verification.

Seeing is Believing

Its a mock Digital Degree issued by CertOnce platform. Click on it to see the magic of One-Click Verification on Blockchain.


Blockchain Anchored Digital Degree is the future. And it’s here.

There is no other technology today that can be more effective than this.

What can you do next?

If you are an institute reading this, we would love to showcase it to you. Just drop a line at hi@certonce.com

If you are student reading this and want your institute to use this, write to your Registrar and connect us with him/her at hi@certonce.com

We are changing the way the world issues Digital Degree. Join us!