Blockchain Secured Tamperproof Academic Records to your Students

Issue Blockchain Secured
Tamperproof Academic
Records to your Students

No Third Party Verification

Instantly Verifiable & Shareable Certificates for Digital Learning Platform

Instantly Verifiable & Shareable
Certificates for Digital
Learning Platform

Powered by Blockchain and Open Badges

Empower your employees
(Experience Certificates,
Appointment Letter, Skills
Certificates, Awards)

Zero Touch Verification on Blockchain

Instantly Verifiable Citizen Records

Instantly Verifiable Citizen

(Birth Records, Driver's
License, Social ID)

Made Immutable by Blockchain

Land Records on Blockchain

Eradicate Corruption, Eliminate
Land Disputes

What’s CertOnce

Leaders in creating Blockchain secured Digital records that are time stamped, tamper proof, instantly and independently verifiable records using Blockchain anchored, open standards-based credentialing model.

The document once created can be shared by Issuer or receiver, verified by anyone instantly, independent of the Issuer.

Need of Verifiable Records

In the Digital-First world trust is of paramount importance in any engagement or transactions.

But it is difficult to trust a digital document without verification with the growing challenge of fakes and deep fakes. Paper based document have lost relevance and slow the system down.


Blockchain Secured, Instantly Verifiable, Digital Records of every kind of documents that needs to be verifiable at hands of Document Owner or Verifier. Building Trust in relationships and online transactions though Instant verifiability

How it works?

Key Benefits

Instantly Verifiable

One-click verification by locally creating cryptographic hash of the document and matching with that is anchored on Blockchain

Intrinsically Trustworthy

Architected to ensure that issuer and recipient identities, contents of document, validity & time stamp remain immutable forever

Tamper Proof

One-way, deterministic cryptographic SHA256 hash created by the document is committed on Blockchain making it time stamped and its content tamperproof.

Open Standards based

Based on MIT incubated open standards based blockcerts, endorsed by Digital Credential Consortium that ensures interoperability across wide range of organizations

Issuer Independent

Verifiable independent of its issuer on any of open standard compliant platform,,

Recipient Owned

Recipient controlled process from authorization of issuance, choice of storage in local mobile app or cloud vault ensuring content privacy and recipient-managed sharing


At the heart of the platform is Blockchain Technology which allows the user to create documents and use distributed public ledger to verify the document by uploading its hash on to the ledger.

If any authority wants to verify the document, it just has to click the button to initiate verification. It will recreate the hash of the received document and match it with the hash available on the public ledger (i.e. blockchain). If the hash matches it will confirm the document to be authentic and publish the authentic copy on the verification portal. Any addition, deletion or editing in the document will make it unverifiable.


Secured Digital Certificates

Shareable Blockchain secured digital certificates, when flaunted by learners on their socials generated extensive traffic on the Enhelion website with a significant increase in the sign-ups and conversion rates of their online courses

Ashwin Madhavan
Founder | Enhelion

Real Estate Education

As Vietnam’s Leading Institute in Real Estate Education, brand and reputation assume the utmost importance for us.

Blockchain Secured Certificates by CertOnce give our students the assurance of studying at the best there is.

Hang Nguyen

Blockchain secured certificates

In a crowded market, where every other course was dishing out certificates, it was very important for us to stand out and make the course feel like a premium program. Blockchain secured certificates from CertOnce have allowed us to create a positive student experience

Sanjay Shenoy
Founder | Tractionn

Why Us?

Transforming the way world creates, stores and exchanges digital records

Complete solution built on an open source platform yet completely secure

Amalgamation of cutting edge of the technology and a management team with 50+ man years of professional experience of running enterprises

  • Red Carpet On-Boarding

    Building an implementation plan that involves education of all stakeholders, communication, change management planning to ensure successful adoption.

  • Templatized Roll out

    Templatized yet completely customizable implementation with pilot, parallel run, transition and switch over phases

  • Service at heart

    Old School approach to customer service by Listening to you & going to any length to make you a happy customer

  • Always Listening

    You are our product design team and we are forever receptive for your feedback