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Fed says 57 firms set to use ‘FedNow’ instant payments after late July launch

Analysis: Fever over BlackRock’s bitcoin fund faces chill of rate hikes and regulations

Study shows 130 countries exploring central bank digital currencies

UK legal body recommends new property law category for crypto assets

EU to set out legal underpinnings for a digital euro

SEC Says Spot Bitcoin ETF Filings Are Inadequate

Celsius to Potentially Sell More Than $170M in ADA, MATIC, SOL and Altcoins for BTC, ETH

Polygon Plans To Merge PoS Chain With zkEVM

Compound Founder Forms ‘Superstate’ to Create Bond Fund With Ethereum for Record-Keeping


Cboe refiles Fidelity bitcoin ETF application, plans Coinbase policing partnership

Binance’s European banking partner Paysafe to withdraw support

Fidelity spot bitcoin ETF application refiled with U.S. SEC

Factbox: Financial firms line up spot bitcoin exchange-traded fund applications

Coinbase, facing SEC lawsuit, says regulator lacks police power over crypto

Germany to reject Binance’s bid for a cryptocurrency licence – source

Nevada Files to Place Crypto Custodian Prime Trust Into Receivership

Senior Attorney Helped FTX Founder Misuse Customer Funds, Report Says

Best cryptocurrency exchanges and trading apps in July 2023


This Free-to-Mint Soulbound NFT Tracks Your Web3 Work History

Azuki Unveils New ‘Elementals’ Collection, Expanding Its NFT Ecosystem

What the Thriving Skins’ Market Means for NFT Gaming Assets

Candy Digital and Palm NFT Unite to Enhance Fandom On-Chain

Lacoste Ushers in Dynamic NFTs to Aid Brand Engagement Mission

The US Secret Service Uncovers Its Intriguing NFT Collection

Binance and Ronaldo Return for ‘Forever CR7: The GOAT’ NFT Collection

Generative Art – The Golden Goose of NFTs

FXHASH NFT upgrade to allow users to mint on both Tezos and Eth

Can Azuki’s new Elementals spark the entire NFT market?


OneLand Metaverse Market Analysis: June 26 – July 2

Journey with Mittria for an Unforgettable Trip into World of Animation

Kung Fu Maestro Bruce Lee Enters the BYTE CITY Metaverse

China Mobile launches metaverse industry alliance

Shanghai targets US$6.9 billion metaverse revenue from culture, tourism projects

Cyber Crimes

Poly Network Attacker Issues ‘Worthless’ Billions in SHIB, BNB, BUSD in Latest Crypto Hack

Switzerland’s Security Report: Impact of Russia–Ukraine Conflict

LockBit Claims TSMC Hack, Demands $70m Ransom

NSA and CISA Release Guidelines to Secure CI/CD Environments

VPN and RDP Exploitation the Most Common Attack Technique

Web3 News

Headlines of the Week:

  • Cryptoverse: Bitcoin bounces on BlackRock buzz (Reuters)
  • SNB to launch digital currency pilot (Reuters)
  • New deBridge Feature Lets Solana Users Easily Access Any EthereumBased Blockchain (YahooFinance)
  • Bitcoin, all other top 10 cryptos lose ground; Azuki Elementals NFT disappoints investors (YahooFinance)
  • Coffee Brand Bialetti Brews Web3 Loyalty Hub with Exclusive NFTs (NFTPlazas)
  • Celebrates Lega Series A with Extra Special NFT Drop (NFTPlazas)
  • Web3 Fashion Platform SYKY Launches Incubator for Emerging Digital Designers (CoinDesk)
  • Sotheby’s to Launch On-Chain Generative Art Program Powered by Art Blocks Engine (CoinDesk)

This Week in the Market: (CoinMarketcap)

  • The global crypto market cap is $1.20T, a 0.24% Increase over the last Day
  • Bitcoin is at $30,394.98 and is Down 0.72% over the last 7 days
  • Ethereum is at $1,906.40 and is Up 0.92% over the last 7 days
  • BNB is at $244.49 and is Up 2.32% over the last 7 days

Key Dates/Events

  • 06 July – 07 July – Block 3000: Blockchain Battle
  • 07 July – 09 July – Blockchain and Internet of Things Conference
  • 14 July – 15 July – NFT Show Europe

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