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Cryptoverse-Tether gets a lift from stability doubts

Bank of Canada launches public consultations on digital C$

Lido Community Weighing On-Chain Vote to Deploy Version 2 on Ethereum

Ethereum Resumes Finalizing Blocks after Second Performance Hiccup in 24 Hours

IRS, Chainalysis and Ukraine Targeting Russian Crypto Sanctions Evaders Jointly

NFT Platform Vibe Raises a Massive $4m in Series Funding

Palm NFT Studio Unveils Slick New Generative Art Tool

Bitcoin, Ether fall along with most cryptos; U.S. futures strengthen as inflation in April slowed


Bittrex approved to borrow $7 mln bankruptcy loan in bitcoin

Stablecoin Tether’s reserves hit $81.8 billion in Q1 – reserves report

Ex-Coinbase Worker Gets Two-Year Prison Term in First Cryptocurrency InsiderTrading Case

U.S. Exchanges List More Than a Dozen Cryptos the SEC Says Are Illegal to Sell

Is Bitcoin Useless?

Bitcoin, Ether fall along with most top 10 cryptos; U.S. futures rise ahead of debt ceiling negotiations

Frogs, Fevers and Fees: Bitcoin’s New Governance Challenge

First Mover Asia: Expect Bitcoin to Hit $25.2K Soon: Strategist

Dogecoin Rival Pepe Hooks Crypto Whales. A Memecoin Frenzy May Just Be Starting.


Binance’s NFT Marketplace Adds Support for Bitcoin NFTs

Elon Musk Tweets a Milady NFT, Floor Price Soars on OpenSea

NFT Creator Royalties: A Battle Between Marketplaces and Creators

‘Digital Collectibles’ – Why Some Projects Refuse to be Called NFTs

Alo Yoga and MoonPay Boost Mental Health with Affirmation NFTs

Gala Film Shapes Ghosts of Ruin Anime Series with Elite NFT Access

Everything you need to know about Kusama NFTs

Gamers stand to win big with NFTs, they just don’t know it yet

Cyber Crimes

PaperCut Software Flaw Sparks Ransomware Attacks, CISA

Ransomware Attacks Adapt With New Techniques: Kaspersky Report

“Greatness” Phishing Tool Exploits Microsoft 365 Credentials

Manufacturers Targeted as Ransomware Victim Numbers Spike 27%

Card ‘ID Theft’ Fraud Doubles in 2022


TRU and MTV Join Forces for Epic Mental Health Festival in Decentraland

Soar Through the Metaverse at the AlUla Skies Festival in Decentraland

The metaverse is here. When will the party begin?

Web3 News

Headlines of the Week:

  • Crypto Companies Test the Public Markets (WSJ)
  • Britain edging closer to digital pound decision, says minister (Reuters)
  • ‘Ancient’ Bitcoin Changes Wallets After 12 Years Dormant (YahooFinance)
  • Bitcoin Loses 10% on the Week as Memecoins Tumble (YahooFinance)
  • Renault Accelerates into Web3 with RACING SHOE5 NFTs (NFTPlazas)
  • CLUB 3 to Galvanize Web3 with High-End IRL Community Hub
  • Crypto and NFT Market Update – May 10th (Forkast)
  • How blockchain gaming can break out of its niche and win over more people

This Week in the Market: (CoinMarketcap)

  • The global crypto market cap is $1.12T, a 0.09% Decrease over the last
  • Bitcoin is at $26,850.41 and is Down 7.00%over the last 7 days
  • Ethereum is at $1,793.50 and is Down 6.14% over the last 7 days
  • BNB is at $311.48 and is Down 3.81% over the last 7 days

Key Dates/Events

  • 18 May – 20 May – Bitcoin 2023
  • 20 May – 21 May – ETHDam
  • 01 June – 02 June – Crypto Valley Conference

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