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FTX customer names will not be revealed by bankruptcy court

What makes a crypto asset a security in the U.S.?

India central bank to permit default loss guarantee arrangements in digital lending

Binance CEO’s trading firm received $11 billion via client deposit company, SEC says

Explainer: How Hong Kong plans to test its digital dollar in $229 billion mortgage market?

Crypto Crisis: A Timeline of Key Events

What Is Happening With Binance?

Bored Ape NFT Locks an Influential Movie Contract


Nigeria regulator says local Binance operations ‘illegal’

Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter target of EU crypto advertising complaint

Analysis: US SEC crackdown on Coinbase, Binance puts crypto exchanges on notice

Crypto companies made ‘calculated’ decision to flout rules, says SEC chair

Australia’s largest bank blocks payments to some crypto exchanges

Coinbase CEO hits back at SEC chair after lawsuit, says user funds are safe

How Are Stablecoins Faring? These Charts Will Tell You

Crypto Weekend Slump Compounds Jitters of Investors Already on Edge

NFT Launches NFTs Backed By Staked ETH

Kraken NFT Marketplace Launches With Support for Ethereum, Solana and Polygon Collections

Everything You Need to Know About Soul-Bound NFTs

Stand With Crypto NFT Trends in Wake of SEC Crackdown

Noel Gallagher Pulls Out an NFT Ace in Chart Battle with the Foo Fighters

Warner Bros Flies High with Superman NFT Movie Experience

Louis Vuitton Drops €39k High-End ‘Treasure Trunk’ NFT Collection

NFT Inspect Introduces New PFP Discovery Tool for Twitter

Cyber Crimes

How North Korea’s Hacker Army Stole $3 Billion in Crypto, Funding Nuclear Program

Mt. Gox’s Hackers Are 2 Russian Nationals, U.S. DOJ Alleges in Indictment

North Korean APT Group Kimsuky Expands Social Engineering Tactics

Spanish Bank Globalcaja Hit By Ransomware Attack

New ChatGPT Attack Technique Spreads Malicious Packages


Clay Nation Molds Its Virtual World in The Sandbox

Inside The Sandbox: A glimpse into the metaverse with co-founder Sebastien Borget

The Moment3 to launch NFTs with Alibaba’s e-commerce platform AliExpress

Apple’s VR/MR Brings the metaverse back into focus

Apple prices Vision Pro AR headset at three times Meta’s priciest device

Web3 News

Headlines of the Week:

  • Crypto stocks drop after US SEC sues Coinbase for failing to register
  • Cryptoverse: Listless bitcoin seeks summer spark (Reuters)
  • Binance’s BNB Token Saw Millions in Sell Orders Right Before SEC
    Lawsuits (YahooFinance)
  • Aave Lending Protocol Moves Closer to Launching GHO Stablecoin on
    Ethereum Mainnet (YahooFinance)
  • Crypto Unicorns Hit the Small Screen with Mobile Web3 Gaming Platform
  • Apple’s New Headset Could Change the Way We Design the Metaverse

This Week in the Market: (CoinMarketcap)

  • The global crypto market cap is $1.05T, a 1.30% Increase over the last Day
  • Bitcoin is at $25,867.67 and is Down 4.85% over the last 7 days
  • Ethereum is at $1,752.75 and is Down 7.68% over the last 7 days
  • BNB is at $236.56 and is Down 22.69% over the last 7 days

Key Dates/Events

  • 28 June – 29 June – Polkadot Decoded 2023
  • 28 June – 30 June – BLOCKCHANCE®
  • 29 June – 30 June – FutureGoSummit

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