Customer Story: New Delhi Institute of Management

About NDIM

New Delhi Institute of Management, set up 25 years ago under the vision and leadership of its founder Late Mr. Jaswant Rai Bansal, has been declared “Best Industry-Linked B-School of India” in 2017, 2018, and 2019 by the AICTE, Ministry of HRD (Government of India) and the CII (Confederation of Indian Industry) 

New Delhi Institute of Management has been declared as the First and the only “Mentor Institute” in India in the Management category by the AICTE and CII.”


New Delhi Institute of Management has been on a transformational journey to project itself as a trusted brand of management education.

Traditionally it has been issuing Paper Degrees, which needed manual verification by the registrar’s office. With its students spreading across the globe, the institute wanted to empower its students with credentials that put them at par with the best in the world. A Document that embodies trust and is verifiable.  

Student Academic records have a lifetime value. New Delhi Institute of Management wanted a solution that allows its students to hold these records in a native digital format that will enable them to verify these records over their professional life without having to depend on any manual/human-based verification.  


New Delhi Institute of Management chose to implement the best of breed solution by partnering with CertOnce to issue Blockchain anchored Digital Diplomas and Transcripts to its student.

Using the CertOnce open-source platform allows NDIM to issue Digital Credentials that are Time Stamped, Immutable, Instantly, and Independently Verifiable by anyone whom the students choose to share. 

New Delhi Institute of Management chose CertOnce as its long-term Credentialing partner as it provides significant benefits to the Institute, and every stakeholder, including the students and anyone who needs to validate the issued credentials.

The stakeholders: Roles and Benefits 

New Delhi Institute of Management

The process starts with New Delhi Institute of Management sending out email invites to its Learners to download the opensource Blockcerts wallet and add NDIM as an issuer. The step provides NDIM with the student’s Public key and permission to issue them a digital credential. 


The student receives the certificate in the mail as a PDF with a verification link. It can be stored anywhere in the Blockcerts wallet or any personal storage for future use. 


Verifier’s role is to initiate the verification by clicking the provided verification URL to validate the credential’s content, issue date, and the public key of the issuer.  


NDIM’s Benefits

Zero Administrative Burden: 

The registrar’s office doesn’t need to spend valuable resources in receiving and replying to an ever-growing pile of emails or letters to verify its students and alumni records.

Brand Trust:

Issuing verifying credentials, using advanced technology like Blockchain used by some of the world’s leading Institutes such as MIT, adds another degree of trust in the brand equity of NDIM in the eyes of its Students and Industry Partners alike.

Student’s Empowerment & Employability

These certificates are Intrinsically trusted documents in the student’s hand, giving them complete autonomy to share them with anyone.  

Having verifiable credentials provides improved employment chances over someone with manual credentials as it signifies trust and shortens the hiring cycle for the HR departments. 


Instant & Independent, and free verification 

CertOnce’s open-source architecture ensures that any verifier, whether it’s a potential employer / higher education Institute/immigration office or any other government agency, would be able to verify the credentials received with one click.

The decentralized process of verification is independent of any intermediary such as a verification agency or the issuer, i.e., New Delhi Institute of Management and even the technology provider CertOnce.

The verification process is free because it does not require any technology or platform subscription for the verifier.

Time and Cost benefits

The Background verification process that used to take weeks or even months at times can now be achieved in seconds, and that too without paying to any intermediaries or waiting for snail mail replies. 

Data Safety for all stakeholders

The technology architecture ensures that Learner’s data is not put on any public domain while creating the certificate, nor does the Institute have to keep a copy of the student’s data on its website for verification. And verifiers don’t have to provide their data to any intermediaries or to institute in order to initiate verification.

Beyond Diploma Certificates, New Delhi Institute of Management also use the system to issue students transcripts, publish academic research papers, project reports, among many others.

“We have been setting standards, whether it by being the first-ever Institute to achieve Mentor Institute status from AICTE or by building global industry relationships. Implementing a Digital Verifiable Blockchain Anchored Credentialing system adds another one to the long list of its many firsts”

– Dr Vishwa Mohan Bansal, Chairman, New Delhi Institute of Management

About CertOnce

CertOnce is a digital records creation platform for issuing verified digital credentials for high stake credentials using Blockchain and low stakes Open Badges, that are easy to share and verifiable with one click, with its most prominent uses being academic records, online learning, employee records, and recognition, health care, legal, government, and financial services industries. Founded in Princeton (NJ, USA) in 2019, with a vision to bring trust in every digital document, the company is fast changing the way the world creates digital credentials.